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Life update

7751 words. Over 10,000 words behind, if you're assuming that every day is equal, but I wrote 2001 words (one chapter) today, and I plan to continue with one chapter per day, two on weekends. I have to be realistic though; today was a good day, and it may be hard to keep up the schedule I've set. I'll probably take off work (without pay) the last two days of November, if push comes to shove and I'm within grasping distance.

Speaking of work, I renegotiated my contract. It's now project-based, meaning that if I work faster I either get paid more (this is possible since Jason is bringing in some outside projects now, meaning funding might not be as severe of a problem) or get to work less. That's half the benefit; the other half is that if I work slower (within reason), I simply get to live with less pay, rather than trying to somehow bullshit and claim that I still deserve the same amount. I sent Jason an invoice today which included the last remnants of the previous contract plus the first project under the new one. Project-based billing feels so much more civilized. I think it might be worth it for the improvement in attitude even if my pay ends up being less (hopefully it won't, but still).

My dad came out last weekend and helped me move. We managed to get all my stuff over to the new place in one day, which I find pretty amazing, but the setup will probably drag out for months (though the place is acceptably livable for many purposes already; I'm there now). I'm finding that the Cabana (the other half of the duplex into which I've moved) is a bit of a black hole, in that I can easily spend arbitrary amounts of time there without really getting anything done. On the other hand, I somehow managed to write almost a thousand words today while sitting in the lounge there, so I guess it's really more a question of whether I let my time be sucked away, irrespective of location. (Not that location or environment is unimportant, but they're mostly important insofar as they impact attitude. Chitchat and video games being played and anime being watched can be mostly ignored or can even provide a pleasant background.)

For friends who live about 500 miles and about 1000 miles away, respectively, Charlie and Ratha are just about the best I could have asked for. Come on, you two, you're embarrassing me. You know I can't dedicate two books in a row to you. :-)

I feel kind of bad for my previous housemate, Marcus. He's pretty poor, and has trouble making ends meet. He has some qualities that are less than perfect—mostly that he's a bit lazy at times (not that I'm innocent of that myself)—but he also has clear positive traits, such as being much more scrupulously honest than I'd really expect someone in his position to be, and it really doesn't seem like he should have as much trouble getting by as he does.

Writing this post used up most of the extra time that I had allocated for novelling (I finished my goal early today), so I'll probably go to sleep soon.

(Heh, I always use the same three or four “Current Mood” options, when I use them at all.)


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