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Had good chats with my mom and with Ratha on the phone this evening. Wrote 3k words in the past 24 hours.

I don't like having multiple masters that are trying to be “primary” at the same time. I can feel that my words aren't as focused as they could be. I even think I could focus on writing and actually do it rather than spend all my time on leisure, if I could just win the lottery. Too many of my life plans rely on winning the lottery as a key ingredient.

Woke up on Saturday morning after 4 hours of sleep with 23k words, and somehow managed to write 2k words in the following 3 hours, so I got to go shooting. I think 2k words in 3 hours is pretty close to my “raw” rate (when I'm almost totally undistracted). Shooting was fun; I only shot Chrissie, but that was all right. Though I am looking forward to getting my carry gun. I slightly underestimated my aim when I told Charlie about it; I'm actually able to shoot 3 or 4 inch groups from 25 feet. I don't think that's anything special, especially with a .22 target pistol, but it's not horrific either.

I realized that the way I feel about Chrissie, while still a positive emotion, is very, very different from the affection I feel for my computers and my car. I'll write more about this later, if I remember.

Must sleep now, so I can write more tomorrow.

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