Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

As I was walking back to my car from lunch today, I looked at my pants. They're black jeans, except they're not dark enough to really be called black; they're more like a dark grey. And this reminded me of something.

When Ratha and I were living together, one time, we had an argument over dark blue. See, we both agreed that off-white was disgusting and that pure white was much better. Ratha extended this to a similar criticism of dark or navy blue, which I didn't agree with. We were kind of upset with one another.

I think this came up a couple more times, and it could easily have taken an hour of anger and bad feelings, all told. I've known Ratha for maybe a year and a third now, but given the proportion of that time that we've actually spent interacting, that hour was probably more than 0.01% of our total interaction.

And I can't help feeling—our time together was limited. And we spent that hour arguing about dark blue.

What a fucking waste.


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