Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

Work; caffeine; guns

Work has been kind of dragging lately. Even when I'm trying as hard as I can, it doesn't seem like I move very fast. The problems with which I'm dealing are ones I've been trying to warn my boss about for months, but I'm afraid that the techniques I've been forced to employ to deliver results in a timely fashion are in many cases standard industry practice—slap on a quick fix whenever it would take more than a few hours to do things right, leaving you with a horribly patched-together system that just barely works (and breaks in unusual cases).

I have a lot more to say about work, but that can wait. I know, though, that there seems to be an optimum amount of pressure for me to accomplish anything. Too much and I start to feel like the task is hopeless (even though maybe it wouldn't be, if I tried absolutely as hard as possible), too little and I sit around and do nothing.

Over the last week or so, I've pretty dramatically cut down my caffeine intake. I used to have 4 cups of coffee just about every morning—now I have 1, or the equivalent in No-Doz. I don't make extreme efforts to avoid caffeinated beverages during the day (though I did order decaf at Bruegger's yesterday when they were out of hot chocolate). My reasoning is that caffeine doesn't seem to be doing what it used to do for me any more. Now, it mostly makes me feel stupid, and often makes me sleepier, or at least totally zonked out. Furthermore, it hasn't really been doing its job of waking me up lately, either, since I have to be lucid enough to take it, and by that time I'm usually awake enough that I'm in little risk of going back to sleep.

So, I backed off about as much as I figured I could without withdrawal symptoms. I have no specific intention of quitting, and would actually love to get back the effect it used to have on me. I could see myself reaching a point where caffeine use is occasional, though—this seems to have happened to me with alcohol. I used to take a nightcap almost every night, but lately I rarely need it (and frequently collapse without it).

I like Glock pistols because they're so simple. I can take my Glock 19 apart as far as is normally necessary in 18 seconds (I wasn't even trying that hard). At the same time, I think it's well built. I think I probably made the right choice, or at least a pretty good one, relative to my knowledge and comfort level.

When I bought my Glock, it was so new they had to use a knife to break the seal on the factory packaging so I could see what I was buying before I wrote the check.

The commands to the magician (I can't remember all of them at the moment, and can't find an Internet reference) always seemed like a strangely mismatched set to me. In particular, the command to keep silent (which I believe was associated with water) seemed out of proportion to the other three, which I remember as being such broad things as (not an actual example, just for illustration) “to will”. However, in the context of carrying a firearm, it sort of makes sense. There are times when you may know I'm not carrying (or at least, when you'd assume as much based on your belief that I'm not foolish), but if you can ever definitively say that I am carrying, I've probably made a mistake.

My gun still needs a name. No need to rush, of course. Maybe I'll wait until I have a chance to shoot it another time.


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