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Caffeine works again. I suppose I'll find out through experience in the future what pattern works best for me, but today at least has been quite focused (even if not always on the “right” things).

Work feels…unstable. I don't really know how to describe this, but it just seems like the code has been piling up to a critical level at which I'm barely able to deal with it. Man, I've been writing about a 50/50 mixture of reasonably good and pretty crappy code almost the entire time I've been on this project. I don't know if this is my fault—I've always been asked to deliver features, features, features, and as a result I've cut just about every corner that I could, even when I realized it was “wrong”. At the same time, I don't know that it's been within my power to make things better—the project seems to be on a path to migrate from one crappy technology (PHP) to another crappy technology (ColdFusion). I should be paid so much more than I am to put up with this junk.

My birthday is on February 27, less than 4 weeks from now. I put up a wishlist. If for some odd reason you want to buy me something and don't know what, feel free to pick something from the list or to just give me whatever.

I've intermittently thought about this year's birthday for months, but I really have no idea what to expect. I could try to plan something, but it mostly feels like that would be pissing into the wind. I guess I'll see. I would like to take the day after off of work (since my birthday is on a Sunday, I can't take that day off), regardless of the fact that in my current employment situation, that will mean I won't be paid for that day.

I've realized that my personal website has become horribly out of date and actually misleading in places (e.g., by linking to the journal that I used to maintain there, rather than my LiveJournal). Yet another project, I guess. I'd like it to be a little more impressive than it currently is (I've been programming websites for almost a year now; shouldn't my site be database-backed, at least?) but I really have very little idea what to put there either in style or in content. Maybe I should put up Breakout. I'm sort of skeptical that I'll ever get around to editing it, and it is nice to have people read it, though I worry that for most readers, the holes and cliches in the plot structure are enough to make them miss the point.

Actually, I already wrote a script to import my LiveJournal entries into the journal on my site, but I've put off running it, mostly because when I do, there will be a torrent of posts to kenoubisjournal. People who have that in their friends list might want to just remove it, in preparation for that time. Otherwise, if one day your friends page is flooded, I warned you.

I went shooting again this weekend. I still have no idea what to name my Glock. It doesn't seem to have much of an identity; like my cell phone or my glucose meter or my left index finger, it's just this thing I use, not really an entity in its own right. Maybe I can come up with something that fits with that idea (“Sidearm” comes to mind, but is way too obvious and doesn't sound like a name at all).

Income taxes as a contractor suck.

That is all.


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