November 23rd, 2004


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Had good chats with my mom and with Ratha on the phone this evening. Wrote 3k words in the past 24 hours.

I don't like having multiple masters that are trying to be “primary” at the same time. I can feel that my words aren't as focused as they could be. I even think I could focus on writing and actually do it rather than spend all my time on leisure, if I could just win the lottery. Too many of my life plans rely on winning the lottery as a key ingredient.

Woke up on Saturday morning after 4 hours of sleep with 23k words, and somehow managed to write 2k words in the following 3 hours, so I got to go shooting. I think 2k words in 3 hours is pretty close to my “raw” rate (when I'm almost totally undistracted). Shooting was fun; I only shot Chrissie, but that was all right. Though I am looking forward to getting my carry gun. I slightly underestimated my aim when I told Charlie about it; I'm actually able to shoot 3 or 4 inch groups from 25 feet. I don't think that's anything special, especially with a .22 target pistol, but it's not horrific either.

I realized that the way I feel about Chrissie, while still a positive emotion, is very, very different from the affection I feel for my computers and my car. I'll write more about this later, if I remember.

Must sleep now, so I can write more tomorrow.
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A couple more quick thoughts

  1. The purpose of a dishwasher for me and people like me is not to make washing dishes easier, it's to make it more likely that dishes get washed.
  2. Recipe for Scotch sour, Kenn style:
    1. Mix 1 part Scotch and 1 part sour mix over ice in shaker. Shake.
    2. Strain into white wine glass. Add 1 maraschino cherry, and pour a dash of the juice in as well. Stir, and drink.
    This is incredibly awesome and barely tastes like alcohol, despite the fact that actually, almost 20% of it is. (Almost because of melted ice and the cherry “juice”.) You can't be a Scotch purist, though, and if you aren't then it's reasonably likely you don't have Scotch at all. Though I imagine other whiskeys would also work (but you probably don't want one that's too sweet, the other ingredients are sweet enough).