December 28th, 2004



A post I just made to d-pittsburgh-bullcrap:

On Dec 28, 2004, at 16:27, Wes Contreras wrote:

> > > I hate people.

> > I second and move to vote.

> Aye.

> > We are, in fact, a very poor sample.

> Except for Kenn.

No, I hate people too.

My car was parked on the street today. Someone smacked into it. Someone didn't come find me or leave insurance information or call the police. My driver's side door won't open now, probably because the quarter panel is smashed up, and who knows if there's more damage.

I don't think the insurance company is likely to give me anything, since I don't have comprehensive or collision. Seemed pointless on a car that's 9 years old with 230,000+ miles on it.

I really can't afford to buy another car or do very expensive repairs right now. I may make more than minimum wage, but I'm still hardly rich, especially since I graduated from CMU about a year and a half ago, and since I spent several months this year not making much of anything, and since my taxes this year are going to be *ridiculous* because I'm a contractor and thus have to pay payroll tax (the second half of Social Security) myself.

I'm not angry, honestly. I'm sad. If whoever it was had found me, his or her insurance would have paid for the damage to my car. His or her rates would have gone up, though, and he or she was probably embarrassed as hell (I know I would have been). I hope if I ever fuck up like that, I have the guts to admit it.

Someone's probably already drafting a reply telling me that owning cars is insane and wasteful and I should use public transport. Well, whatever. But *sniff* I love my car. (It's a '95 Toyota Camry, before you go off accusing me of excess.)

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