January 3rd, 2005


(no subject)

I've been kind of depressed lately, in that “not especially motivated to do anything” sense, but I've been taking quite a bit of pleasure in just existing. Over the weekend, I met martinivixen at the New Year's party, and we seem to have hit it off. And annecognito somewhat randomly contacted me off of okcupid.

Let's see, the weekend agenda went like this: on Friday evening I went to the Embassy at about 9. I was initially very shy and some people commented on this, but alcohol loosened me up somewhat (and also made time go faster so the gaps seemed shorter) and I had a good time. When the police showed up around 3, I walked home. Saturday I was ever so slightly hung over since I'd had two glasses of water before going to bed, but I made it to Mallorca, which was good in a very mild way.

I got to see Laura a little bit, but I barely interacted with her. I tried to make that happen a bit more than it did, but at the clean-up party on Saturday evening, I instead ended up talking to Annette for several hours. It was strange to feel so comfortable after having been so shy lately. Well, I guess it's not really shy so much as an almost total lack of outgoingness.

It's odd that two people suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere just as soon as I decided I was basically okay with being alone. I think they might even be playfully jealous of one another. I'd think that the explanation was that meeting someone when not looking to do so is more noteworthy than meeting someone when one is looking to do so, but two separate instances so close in time seem to make that unlikely. Just some sort of weird coincidence, I guess. (Or a latent power to attract people to myself by force of will that takes a while to actually work…)