February 6th, 2009


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I obviously haven't posted to LJ in a long time, which is a bit of a shame happening so soon after I got a permanent membership. I tend to view writing in general, and LJ posting in particular, as an extremely large amount of work (at least in prospect) and thus don't do it. Lately I've been trying to treat DPB more like talking, resulting in my posting a lot more. I'm also on Twitter now, but the 140 character limit is a powerful disincentive to complex thought. This post will be mostly musings.

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I realize a lot of the above may sound like complaining, and I don't want to give the impression that I'm miserable. I certainly wouldn't say that I'm thrilled about everything. But I once read a theory that each human has a given set point of happiness to which he will converge as long as his environment remains the same. That may be overstated, but it seems to have a kernel of truth. In that light I would say that I'm doing about as expected: that my stay in Dallas has been rather light on satisfaction but heavy on pay; that I'll try to manage my money (even in the current macroeconomic situation) well enough to set myself up in a situation that better meets my needs; and that hopefully I don't turn out to be quite as hard-to-accommodate-by-virtue-of-being-unusual as I sometimes worry I am.