Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

My sister's visit; I got a cat!

My sister came out to visit last weekend. On Friday evening, she got in late, because her first flight out of Chicago had been cancelled. So we didn't really do anything before going to bed.

My co-workers had strongly advised that we check out Fort Worth instead of staying in Dallas, and we had originally planned to do that on Saturday, but we got off to such a late start that we decided to postpone it to Sunday. So, on Saturday we went to the Dallas Museum of Art (my sister really enjoyed Frederick Church's The Voyage of the Icebergs) and to the Dallas SPCA, where I got a cat. (More about that later.) That evening, we went out to dinner at Cosmic Cafe, an all-vegetarian Indian restaurant which fuses in some elements of Mexican cuisine. I had been there once before—Andrew had taken me there for lunch while I was in Dallas for my second interview.

On Sunday, we again got off to a late start, but this time we drove over to Fort Worth. My sister really wanted to see the Japanese Garden in the botanical gardens there, so we walked around there for an hour and a half or so. We then went downtown and drove around looking for something to do (stopping at a Starbucks where we got green tea-based beverages), but didn't find much. Eventually we headed north to the Stockyards. They had largely closed down by that time of day, but we did some gift shopping, and we walked around a warehouse where there were a bunch of horses, a few bulls and chickens and rabbits, a goat, and a sheep. We also spoke with some people there who were pretty stereotypically Texan in outlook. After driving home, we went grocery shopping at Whole Foods (I was a bit surprised that they apparently haven't arrived in the Capital District area, since I had started to think of them as a standard fixture) and made stir-fry at home. Then we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (I own the DVD) before going to bed.

Monday, while I was at work, my sister went to the Dallas World Aquarium (which is right across the street from my apartment, but I haven't been there yet). Then in the middle of the day I took her to the airport.

My cat is female, a little over a year old, and weighs about 7 pounds. The shelter had her name as “Patches” (she's calico, as you can see), but that seemed like sort of a placeholder, so I've decided to name her “Katrina”. Not for the hurricane, though—that's what I was going to be named if I had been a girl. Also, it has the best nicknames—“Kat”, “Kitty”. At first she hid under the futon pretty much all the time, and she wouldn't use the weirdo litter that I bought, but I got some normal litter now and that seems to be resolved, and she's getting a bit more adjusted to the house. She's pretty sociable when she wants to be—as a matter of fact, she so strongly prefers to eat out of my hand that when I stop holding up food for her, she won't usually eat any out of the bowl. She's much more responsive when I use a high-pitched voice to talk to her, suggesting that her previous owner was female.

It's a bit too soon to be sure exactly what having a cat around will be like. It will certainly be a minor pain to have to arrange care or accomodations for her when travelling. Nevertheless, this is something that I've wanted for a while, and as soon as I was able to make the idea vivid enough to myself, it was clear that I needed to act.

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