Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

Sick Kitty

Starting the weekend before last, Kat was very congested. She was constantly sneezing and sniffling, and also had very little appetite. I had scheduled to bring her in this Tuesday to have her teeth looked at (her gums are very red), but I was so worried about her that I brought her in last Thursday instead. The vet said he was worried that it could be feline leukemia or FIV—that he didn't usually see symptoms like this in a cat this young. I had him run the tests for those two diseases immediately, and he gave me some oral antibiotic which he said should help with the gums. He also explained a couple of things that could cause the congestion, but didn't think there was really anything to do about it other than try to improve her overall health and see if it cleared up.

He had told me to call him the next day about the test results if he hadn't called me by 15:00. So, at about 15:45 , I stepped out from work. I had decided to keep her even if she had FeLV or FIV, since he had said that they weren't necessarily a death sentence, and I knew it would be really unlikely to find anyone else willing to adopt a cat with one of those diseases. Still, it's been a while since I've felt the pangs of physical anxiety I did when I made that call. “I've got some good news. The tests are negative,” the vet said. “Great!” I half-shouted.

I've been giving Kat her medicine every day. Yesterday, I took her in to have her teeth cleaned, but the vet called and said that her teeth were already clean and he was worried about irritating her gums further if he went ahead with the procedure anyway. So he just gave her a shot of steroids (this is apparently standard treatment for cats with inflamed gums) and said to see how she's doing in a week. She's been eating better since starting the antibiotic, too (I finally had to switch from just leaving out as much food as she might want to measuring portions), and her congestion has mostly cleared up.

Kat is very friendly. :-)


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