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I am bored. - Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. — LiveJournal
August 1st, 2004
12:59 am
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I am bored.

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Date:August 1st, 2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
I got the strong feeling that you would talk to me about it when we were awake.

Which “it”, the dream? It sounds very similar to some of my (extremely vague) fantasies, actually. I am going to end up writing fan fiction for my own life some day, probably.

On a more practical note, I would strongly suggest that you subscribe to, filter, and read d-pittsburgh-bullcrap.

I think I was scared off by the “no lurkers” warning last time I considered that, but I suppose I could just flagrantly ignore it. That does seem like a pretty good way to get party announcements, at least.

We should get together again before you leave. Give me a call tomorrow, or send me an email, or I'll call you.

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