Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

US Airways voucher; [NJ]ohari windows

So, to make a long story short, US Airways screwed me out of $600—their customer service rep told me I could skip the middle leg of a 3-leg flight, which was a lie, and it cost $600 to re-purchase the ticket for the last leg of my flight. I wrote them a letter about it, and they have now sent me a reply along with a $100 travel voucher. All options below (other than the first) assume I will not use US Airways again, other than possibly once to use up the voucher.

What should I do? (Please pick the answer that best describes the reasoning you would use.)

Give up on changing their behavior and continue to use US Airways as I would any other airline
Use the voucher, because it'll save me $100
Use the voucher, because $100 off means it will probably hurt US Airways' bottom line if I do
Don't use the voucher, because I can't be sure they won't still make money from my ticket
Don't use the voucher, because it would make US Airways think their behavior is acceptable
Don't use the voucher, because $100 is not reasonable compensation for a $600 loss
Write more letters to them
Other (explain in comments)

In other “news”: Nohari window Johari window. Note: I put the Nohari window first because I think it's more interesting, so do that one if you only do one.

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