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neurochemistry visited for a week a while ago. I don't remember everything we did, but I do remember going to Fort Worth to see a couple of art museums and another friend of hers who lives there, and going to a goth club when lonelocust was also visiting. Probably most interestingly, we went to a Nine Inch Nails concert, at the Smirnoff Music Center. The opening bands were a bit weak, and I thought the main segment was slightly too short (though I almost always do), and (surprisingly) there was no encore, though as Amanda said I guess they had played all the most popular songs already. It was an awesome show for the time it did last, though, and I think they played almost all of the most popular songs (which somehow usually also end up being my favorites from any given band—probably because more effort is put into fine-tuning for songs that are going to be singles).

Last night I went to a Journey / Def Leppard concert. I had decided to go based on the incredible awesomeness of the few Journey songs I had heard before. It surprised me a bit that Journey actually opened for Def Leppard, as apparently the latter is a bigger name (as it turned out, I had heard a few of Def Leppard's songs, probably from listening to classic rock radio recently, though I didn't know them by name). Journey started out just okay, but got incredibly awesome at the end (they played Don't Stop Believin' and Any Way You Want It as the last two songs and Separate Ways as the encore, almost definitely my three favorite Journey songs). Def Leppard was impressively good for a band whose songs I wasn't familiar with. Normally I have a lot of difficulty correctly parsing music that's new to me at concerts—something about the distortion or the incredibly high volume makes me unable to break the sound down enough to understand it. Def Leppard seemed to have relatively comprehensible melodic lines and not so much of this distortion (not sure exactly how to describe it—it's like there are random frequencies in the sound which aren't part of the melody that are very loud and distracting from the actual music), and they are rockin'.

I'm also going to a Tool concert on September 14, but that one hasn't happened yet, so I can't really comment further on that.

In other news, I'm at work right now because, for a variety of reasons all coming together in the wrong way, there's some stuff that needs to be done ASAP. Also, I am visiting the Albany area from August 5–12, to see my family and Charlie and to take a vacation.

[Addendum: above written this afternoon, didn't get around to posting it until now.]


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