Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

My grandma passed away this Sunday. She was over 90 years old, and her health had been going downhill since I visited upstate New York in August (and to a lesser extent before then). So it wasn't exactly a surprise, and I certainly can't say she didn't have a good (or long) life. Still, I was kind of hoping she would still be around when I went home next week for Thanksgiving.

Other news

My dad and sister at the Saratoga racetrack, when I visited in August. I visited for a week; this trip would turn out to be the last time I saw my grandma.

I bought a 50" Panasonic plasma TV. This picture is from when it was on the floor (I needed some assistance to lift it onto my entertainment center). It runs Linux, apparently so that it can display images from the SD slot in the front of it. I still don't have cable; digital broadcast TV is pretty impressive.

After being in Dallas for over a year, I finally found a gun range comparable to the Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club, the Texas Defensive Shooting Academy. It's out in the middle of nowhere, about half an hour south of Dallas. Someone donated a car to shoot at. I went there with Nikolai, who took this picture.

Kat trying to get back into the bag.

Travel plans:


Flight: from Dallas, TX (DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth Intl.) to New York, NY (JFK-Kennedy)
Depart: Sat 18-Nov-06 at 10:55 AM
Arrive: Sat 18-Nov-06 at  3:15 PM

Flight: from New York, NY (JFK-Kennedy) to Dallas, TX (DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth Intl.)
Depart: Sun 26-Nov-06 at  5:40 PM
Arrive: Sun 26-Nov-06 at  9:00 PM

New Year's

Flight: from Dallas, TX (DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth Intl.) to Pittsburgh, PA (PIT-Greater Pittsburgh Intl.)
Depart: Sat 30-Dec-06 at  7:44 AM
Arrive: Sat 30-Dec-06 at  2:10 PM

Flight: from Pittsburgh, PA (PIT-Greater Pittsburgh Intl.) to Albany, NY (ALB-Albany County)
Depart: Tue  2-Jan-07 at  6:50 PM
Arrive: Tue  2-Jan-07 at 10:08 PM

Flight: from Albany, NY (ALB-Albany County) to Dallas, TX (DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth Intl.)
Depart: Sun  7-Jan-07 at  6:23 PM
Arrive: Sun  7-Jan-07 at 10:55 PM

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