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Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.
August 1st, 2004
01:10 am
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Contact Information

Here's the definitive guide to current ways to contact me (as of the date of this post):

Mail:806 Heberton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

5440 Claybourne has mail forwarding, and even 48 Division will reach me eventually, but 806 goes straight to me. Also, 806 is where to pay me a personal visit should you feel like dropping by (I'm home most evenings). (Heh, as if anyone will ever even consider taking me up on that. Actually, you probably shouldn't even as a gesture of pity—the house is a mess, and it's not my house so there's only so much I can do to clean it up.)
Phone:(412) 657-1395
My cell phone. Still pay-per-minute at this point, but I intend to change that fairly soon. Text messages to 4126571395@vmobl.com at the moment, to 4126571395@vtext.com after the switchover—or just use LJ's service, I'll update that when it actually switches. (Hint: I prefer text messages to voicemail.)
You can also use kenn@kenoubi.net (or kenn@ratha.net if you're weird (actually, I'm not entirely sure that would even work, so don't use it), or kenn@ a bunch of other things—they're all the same server), but kenn@aspeiro.net is what I would consider my current normal email address. Please don't use kenn@cmu.edu or khamm@andrew.cmu.edu any more—they'll still reach me at the moment, and there is mail forwarding for them I need to set up that will let me receive mail there for another year, but I'd no longer consider them current. VinceValentine@yahoo.com will work, with very high latency, if your message doesn't drown in all the spam.

I think that's about it. (What, am I supposed to have a fax number or something?)

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Date:August 1st, 2004 08:57 am (UTC)
Yes, Efax. :)
SO thank you for the update in info :)
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