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So, umm, I figured I might as well make at least one post to LiveJournal just for the hell of it. The reason I haven't actually started using LiveJournal is that I have my own page with a similar purpose at this location. However, the LJ interface might be more convenient for some people, and the protocol looks pretty simple, so if I find some free time (not very likely for a while), then I may set up my Perl scripts to insert my entries there into LJ as well.

LiveJournal does have some features which I think are a good idea and which I haven't been using on my own site. Among these are actually telling what time a post was made at (I really have no excuse for not putting that into my own page other than that at the time I created it, I figured I would never update more than once a day, but even then I still should have realized that the time would be a useful piece of information), current mood, and current music. (Although I don't begrudge anyone else the ability to use security levels, that's one feature of LJ that I'm not interested in. Anything I put in a journal like this, I'm fine if the whole world sees; anything I don't want the whole world to see there's no way in hell I'm storing on any computer besides one of my own.) Anyway, I may add some of those other features to my page as well at some point.

I might write more, but I'm terribly busy at the moment, so this will have to be all for now. Go to my webpage if you want to see more about me.


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