Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

DPB-Con was a week ago now. In lieu of a narrative description of the entire event, which would be exhausting to read and very difficult to write, here are some of the things I did:

  • Stayed up all night the Friday evening before so I could be sure not to miss my 7:00 flight
  • Traveled with only my laptop bag and my max-size carry-on
  • Ate great food without spending a cent (beyond the con fee) until the Friday night dinner
  • Wore my bathrobe as clothing a lot
  • Became reasonably familiar with at least 3 beachgoers / DPBers I hadn't really known previously
  • Got up around 9:00—9:30 consistently, without an alarm
  • Participated to a reasonable degree in 2 of the 3 big parties
  • Played my first game of face-to-face Diplomacy, was the first eliminated, and fell asleep on the couch before the game ended, never finding out who won
  • Played an epic 8 (7 once we lost one person) game of Arkham Horror, which we did finally win
  • Participated in a level 1 World of Warcraft race (the first time I had ever played) and managed to finish despite horrible bear aggro
  • Hung out in a pool the temperature of bathwater in the late evening; it took a lot of force of will to get out
  • Spent the one day of lousy (rainy) weather mostly playing FFXI
  • Spent the day after that (and also, not merely coincidentally, the day after the Outer Space Party) terribly hung over
  • Got drunk on the beach on Jagermeister shots (and one beer)
  • Swam in the ocean
  • Waited until Thursday or Friday to realize that having a camera entailed some obligation to (or at least, benefit from) using it, and tried to make up for it by taking a crapload of pictures
  • Played a little bit of Rock Band on easy and found it more doable than I expected
  • Failed to carry my phone, send many emails or IMs, or interact much with the world away from the beach at all, and was perfectly happy with it that way
  • Helped move stuff or clean up whenever I was asked to, which really didn't seem like much (official volunteerism crowding out unorganized volunteerism? lack of initiative on my part?)
  • Found that my habitual ignorance of sunscreen was only so sustainable, and finally opted to borrow some for Friday on the beach
  • Was switched to a direct flight on American to Dallas, due to the iffiness of Uniteds' flights to Chicago on that day
  • Watched The Ultimate Gift in the airport and Capricorn One on the plane, and arrived home two hours earlier than previously scheduled
  • Chilled out. Realized that these are an incredibly cool bunch of people who, if there's a reasonable way to make things work, will do so (all DPB-proper acrimony notwithstanding). Resolved to come again.

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