Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

Oops (AKA, The Beeping Saga)

So, this past Saturday, there was a beeping sound in my apartment. This has happened twice since I've lived here, and it has always meant that the smoke detector battery needed to be replaced. It's very irritating because the hours the apartment office is open only overlap with when I'm not at work on Saturday, so I basically always discover this at a time when no one is available to help with it. It's a high-pitched, pretty loud beep about every minute or two, and makes it impossible to sleep within earshot.

On Monday I called the apartment office and told them to replace the battery, and in fact, to replace the batteries on all the smoke detectors. When I got home on Monday, there was a note that they had done this, and also replaced the air filter. However, the beeping was still there.

I had been sleeping on the floor in the next room, with the doors closed and the overhead fan on, since Saturday. This was pretty uncomfortable and made me not sleep very well, but was the only way I could reasonably sleep in my apartment. I continued to do this.

I called them late Tuesday night and left a message, thanking them for responding so quickly but saying the detector still had not been fixed. When I got home on Wednesday, there was another note from maintenance (they leave a note every time they go into someone's apartment) but the beeping was still there.

Thursday I was too wiped out (this was making me sleep poorly and having a negative effect on my mood) and didn't do anything about it. Earlier today, I called again and went on a bit of a rant to the woman who answered the phone, about how it still wasn't fixed, I had been sleeping on the floor, etc. She politely said maybe the smoke detector is broken, and they will send someone again to check it.

About 17:00 today I get a call from the apartment office, and they say the maintenance guys were in my apartment for an hour and the smoke detector is definitely not broken, and could anything else be beeping in my apartment? It's definitely coming from upstairs, they say (where my bed is) but not the smoke detector. They couldn't figure out exactly what it was coming from because they aren't supposed to go through my stuff (and they ACTUALLY DON'T). I say maybe it's coming from an adjacent apartment. They say that sounds unlikely, the walls are pretty soundproof (and in my head I admit yeah, it does sound unlikely, since they'd be getting constant complaints about this and any other noise made by neighbors, but I don't tell them this). I say yes, I will check to see if anything in my apartment could be making the noise and get back to them again if I can't figure it out.

I get home, go through my stuff, aaaaaaaand... I have this fucking carbon monoxide detector that my mom must have given me 5 years ago and that's what was making the beeping the whole time.

I feel like an idiot. I feel especially bad because I got angry with the customer service reps who were doing their jobs, and doing a pretty good job of it too (they never once got frustrated with me that I could tell), for something that was completely my own fucking fault. People like I just was are the exact reason working in customer service sucks.

I kind of want to apologize, but it would have to be “to the staff of Jefferson at 1001 Ross” since I have no idea who I spoke to (names go in one ear and out the other if I don't write them down) or if it was even the same person any two times. And I feel like a card alone would be empty, but I don't know what an appropriate small, splittable gift would be (or maybe that isn't appropriate—I have no idea).

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