Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

Xenosaga 3

A couple weeks ago, I finished Xenosaga 3, which I purchased about 4 years earlier. It was a better game than it had any right to be, in light of its predictably low sales and the fact that the series was canceled at 3 when it was planned to have 6 episodes. It was so good, in fact, that it's making Xenosaga 2 (which was still definitely the weakest of the series, and may have doomed it) look better to me.

It makes me a bit sad, actually, to see such excellent production "wasted" on something so few people will experience. Thanks ixiel for nagging me to finish it over the years (and for not abusing that power on things that aren't worth it). And if you have around 200 hours and a bunch of cash to spare, and a Playstation 2, you should play it. I do not expect anyone to actually do this.

That's what's mostly been on my mind lately. Oh, and this is a great song. I still wish Mitsuda had composed the whole series, but Kajiura composing the whole series would be a close second.
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