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Netbooks - Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.
March 5th, 2011
02:12 pm
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When netbooks first came around, they were tiny (7" and 9" screens were standard), super cheap laptops from a brand you'd probably never heard of (Acer or Asus, for example) that had low specs, Intel Atom processors, ran Linux, and more often than not had flash storage. By the time I got one, netbooks that came with Linux were very hard to find (and if you could, no cheaper than the Windows version of the same model) and most of them had standard hard drives. Now a "netbook" seems to be a small but not tiny (I think most would call an 11" laptop a netbook, and would scoff at a 7" if any are even still made) laptop that runs Windows 7, has a normal hard drive, may be from a major OEM, and may cost nearly as much as a budget "normal" laptop (although there are still plenty of Acer/Asus and very cheap netbooks out there). It still has an Atom processor (usually; a few Celerons/etc.).

I feel like something has been lost here. Although what I actually want is a 10" swiveling (i.e. convertible laptop/tablet form factor) touchscreen (stylus, not these crappy finger touchscreens) Atom-based device with at least 128G of flash (NOT hard drive) storage, an ethernet port, 802.11N, 2 USB ports, 2 SD ports, a headphone output, the highest resolution I can get (although 1024x600 is tolerable), and the option of Windows 7 or Linux with the Linux version not giving a dime to Microsoft, and which actually doesn't need to be all that cheap if it does all that. Which I think is a market segment with a size of 1. (Okay, maybe 2, since I might buy both versions.)

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