Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

I hate everything.

1) My car is messed up, probably due to ramming a curb a couple of weeks ago. This destroyed a tire, but I'm worried the axle is damaged too. The steering wheel is rattling back and forth (at low speeds, highways are strangely okay) and the alignment is clearly off. I thought my dad was going to sell me one of his cars, but that's going to take way longer than I thought, bordering on unacceptably-long-might-as-well-shop-for-a-new-car. I don't have time to deal with the fact that Pittsburgh mechanics are super busy, etc.

2) My home internet service is out since this morning. I rely on being able to access one of my computers at home from anywhere (I'm finding out how much) but it will also suck when I'm, you know, there.

3) My housemate's girlfriend has been severely ill / in the hospital (which I only even know about by way of Facebook / G+, not a word said to me personally by either of them). Aside from plain old sucking, this means I don't want to bother him with my plain old shit when he's dealing with especially shitty shit.

4) My housemate's truck is parked so close on the street to the driveway that it's nearly impossible to get in / out.

5) The monitor on one of my computers at home seems to have just died. LED says it's on but no image on the screen. Tried connecting to another computer, same deal.

6) I'm broke (according to my weirdo system for when I'm allowed to spend money; not that I literally have none in the bank) and have a ton of past and near future expenses that are more or less unavoidable (e.g. Christmas presents).

7) Work frustration which I won't go into.

Whoa, I haven't posted to LiveJournal in a long time.

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