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Last night I went to Jammy Jam. I had a surprising amount of fun. I overshot my alcohol target by a little bit, though, which had some good results (massively decreased inhibitions) and some bad ones (my hangover today). It seems unlikely that Jammy Jam 2k+4 will have lasting results on my life the way Jammy Jam 2k+3 did, but asking that of every party would be asking too much.

Today I had a hangover that blended into a stomach bug that made me throw up 3 or 4 times despite eating nothing but an apple all day. It was a little disturbing because I was alone, and getting sick while one is alone seems like a dangerous thing to which to be vulnerable. It seems to be getting better, though, and I was very grateful for the support I had from my mom, Mark, and Ratha.

Tonight for dinner I am eating basmati rice with RedHot, Pom Wonderful, a peach, and sliced almonds. The sliced almonds are mostly random, but rice with RedHot was taught to me by Charlie, Ratha introduced my to Pom Wonderful, and the peaches are from my paternal grandparents by way of my father and Nance. None of these things are by accident. If you understand this, then you get a pretty high percent of my personality.

Today (while sick) I deployed the thisishappening changes that Ratha and I have been working on for months. Tomorrow I go back to work. Friday I fly to Florida. I'm looking forward to it. Life seems hopeful.

Oh, and just so I don't forget, Thursday I visited Mark for the first time in a really long time. I think I'm going to make this weekly, because Mark is a good guy, and because one instance of social contact per week is, in all fairness, probably not enough to keep me sane. I might try to phase in one or even two more weekly appointments as well.

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