Kenn (kenoubi) wrote,

Lessons from the range today

  1. Other people are distracting. Other people shooting are a little more distracting than other people just being there, but actually not that much more. They were very friendly, but my shooting was far better when I was alone.
  2. Low blood sugar is distracting. In the middle I realized that yeah, my blood sugar was almost certainly getting low, so I went to my car and got a soda, and my aim improved.
  3. Given the amount of driving I have to do to get to the Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club (which I think is worth it for the low-pressure atmosphere and because it's outdoors), it probably makes more sense to get two boxes of ammo and two hours of range time when I go (which I did this time).
  4. Smith & Wesson makes very nice revolvers, but my aim isn't significantly different with a revolver than it is with a Glock, and the Glock can fire more bullets without reloading and can be more easily reloaded, so I'm leaning in the semi-auto direction for my first gun. I'll probably own a revolver eventually, though.
  5. Shooting standing up isn't that much harder than shooting while seated, if I remember all the other stuff I know (which is harder to do when I need to think about my stance and my arms get tired from holding them up).

My fingers smell like gunpowder.


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