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Some additions to my last journal entry:

First off, I guess I should give some vague indication as to what my license plate means, to those of you who haven't already seen it. Here's a link to the page on my Wiki about it. The explanation, as best I can give it in layman's terms, is that Eka is a quasi-religious concept representing that point at which maximum and minimum meet, and corresponding more closely to Tao than any other pre-existing concept. This is particularly relevant to me as I first saw “EKA” license plates in Pittsburgh, when I visited here the August before last. My new license plate is a way of taking up the found idea for my own. It also fulfills a goal I've had for years of having a vanity license plate (yes, a modest goal; on the other hand, one that I was actually capable of achieving).

Second, I completely forgot to mention the ring that Ratha gave me. Here's a picture:

My new ring

This ring is a replica of one that I found on the ground in Catskill. It never quite fit my pinky, but was clearly too small for any of my other fingers. Eventually, the metal was corroded so much by sweat and wear and tear that the ring broke; this just happened to be while I was in Florida visiting Ratha. She extremely generously had a cast of the ring made, and a new ring made of silver, which she gave to me on her visit here.

Third, I'm moving some time in early November. My current place has done its job of giving me somewhere cheap to stay while I got my act together, but when the other half of the duplex that Mark and friends live in became available, the deal was too good to pass up. Ben (who just moved back here from Texas) and James (who had been living with Mark) will be my housemates. In addition to my room upstairs, I'm planning to set up some sort of office space in the basement, in the hopes that having an isolated space will enable me to more effectively move into task-oriented mode when need be.

New stuff:

My mom and her husband Vic visited this past weekend. We went to Penzeys (a spice store my mom had really wanted to visit), to the Warhol (to which I had not yet been, despite seeing them all the time on thisishappening), and I finally got to go to Borders and spend the enormous quantity of gift certificates I had accumulated from my credit card. Seeing my mom was good in some ways (she is pretty consistently supportive) and bad in others (she's irrationally fearful of guns and anything related thereto, whereas at this point they constitute a pretty core element of my identity). We also went to dinner at Aladdin, where Fiona was our waitress. She's someone who hangs out from time to time at the Cabana (which is the actual house name for what I keep referring to as Mark's house), but I had never actually put two and two together and realized she worked at Aladdin, and in fact it was practically an accident that we ended up eating there anyway, so that was an enjoyable coincidence.

On Sunday, after the lease signing, I went shooting with Will and James. Will had earlier that day purchased a Sig 239 and seemed totally enthralled by it; James rented a Glock .40 S&W and I brought Chrissie. James ended up shooting an entire box from Chrissie, and I shot a box from the Glock .40. Once I got my bearings I managed to hit consistently with the Glock, although always 4 or 5 inches lower than I thought I was aiming (whereas my aim with Chrissie is pretty much dead on). Maybe the sights needed to be adjusted, but I didn't think it even had adjustable sights. In any case, the kick from .40 was somewhat manageable (much better than .357), but I'm still leaning towards 9mm.

I'm going to try to do NaNoWriMo this year. I don't know how I can possibly make it work with my job, and writing the security deposit check on Sunday after which I would be almost broke (I received a paycheck today, so the axe hasn't fallen quite yet, but still) really brought home how much I need money, but we'll see what happens. I believe that everything will work out for the best, come what may.


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